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5 run-ins between referees and wrestler

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This is where wrestling got a bit real

The referee of a professional wrestling match is a guy, simply put, who is supposedly there to make the wrestlers wrestle within the rules of the match. They’re role is the one least paid attention too but sometimes they’re actions have either changes the course of history or been detrimental to them or the wrestler involved which wasn’t scripted.

Even though a referee is made to appear to have little control over the wrestlers, they are still important characters that are as much important in letting a story play out in the middle of the ring. And some of the listed run-ins have actually changes the course of many careers.

Here are the 5 run-ins between referees and wrestler

#5 Sasha Banks

Banks suffered a head injury from a referee

Starting with the latest incident, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Paige were in a match against Dana Brooke, Eva Marie and Lana. The show went on well but it was in the following weeks that fans began noticing Banks’ absence from television. While there were initial reports that this was done for storyline purposes, word later surfaced that she was accidently kneed to the head by a referee during the aforementioned tag team match, which caused a concussion.

This put a brief bolt to the plans of beginning a Banks Vs Charlotte feud where The Boss was almost guaranteed to take the title away. Also, there were rumors that Vince McMahon was getting a bit iffy about her push because of the injury

But she returned in 2 weeks to main Event even confirmed soon that she had a concussion but she’s back now and that’s all that matter

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