5 scariest superstar debuts in WWE

The Big Red Machine Kane's debut with Paul Bearer
The Big Red Machine Kane's debut with Paul Bearer
Pranay Rangra

Every superstar in the WWE is given a unique character to build relevance with the fans. Some are over-the-top, others are life-like, and some transcend from scary to the scariest.

WWE, over the years, has created characters as scary as they come–be it Kane, Papa Shango, Kamala, The Brood, Boogeyman, The Fiend, or The Undertaker.

Each character with a scary persona has struck a chord with the WWE Universe. The debut of such characters is vital as it helps instill fear in the WWE Universe as they walk out into the squared circle for the first time. After all, the first impression is the last impression.

In this article, we take a look at the five scariest superstar debuts in WWE:

#5 Scariest Debut - The Brood

The Brood–a stable comprising of Edge, Christian, and leader Gangrel–made their debut on October 26, 1998 during WWE's Attitude Era.

Their gimmick was a clan of blood-sucking vampires. Their gothic entrance saw the superstars rise amid a ring of fire with Gangrel holding a chalice of blood. Gangrel drank the blood before spitting it on the audience while entering the ring.

* THE BROOD THEME MUSIC PLAYS *🤯🤯🤯🤯#SmackDown @WWERollins @EdgeRatedR

The Brood's scariest act was giving their opponents a sudden blood bath, which terrified most people in attendance, and their opponents. Their entrance and act still strikes fear every time one watches their video.

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