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5 next generation stars who failed to follow in their parent's footsteps

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In professional wrestling, there is a strong sense of family. Plenty of superstars, both male and female are part of historic wrestling families, including the legendary Funks, Flairs, and Harts.

Plenty of superstars, however, have been able to eclipse their famous parents, for example, the Rock, who's success both in and out of the ring, has shone brighter than either his father Rocky Johnson or his grandfather High Chief, Peter Maivia.

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Most recently, you can look at former WWE Champion Randy Orton, who with his success both individually and in groups such as Evolution and the Authority, has far surpassed the success of his father Cowboy Bob Orton, and his grandfather Bob Orton Sr.

However, not every star is fortunate enough to break past their family. Here are 5 generational stars, who did not come close to surpassing their parents.

#5 Manu

Debuting in late 2008 on WWE RAW, Manu is the son of Wild Samoan, Afa, and appeared to be a member of Legacy: a team of multi-generational stars, led by Randy Orton.

However, Manu failed to impress in the team, despite his Samoan family heritage including stars such as Afa, Sika, The Rock and Umaga.

Fearing the team had lost their luster, Orton had all of his soldiers compete in singles action, with the rule being they must win to remain as a part of the group.


After failing to beat then-ECW Champion Matt Hardy, Manu was kicked from the group, being attacked by Cody Rhodes and Sim Snuka.

Since then, Manu has stayed away from WWE, opting to compete on the independent scene instead.

And speaking of Sim...

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