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5 signs that Drew McIntyre will turn babyface and win the Royal Rumble 2020 match

Rohit Nath
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Modified 15 Jan 2020, 21:40 IST

#4. He's acted like a babyface since the turn of the new year

Stalking his prey
Stalking his prey

This is perhaps the biggest sign of them all. Since the turn of the year, Drew McIntyre has acted like a complete babyface. Sure, maybe his tendencies are slightly heel-ish, but you can notice there's been a slight alteration in his character.

For one, during and after his match against No Way Jose, he had an interaction with the crowd and gave them exactly what they wanted - another Claymore Kick. His promo wasn't overtly heelish either and that's when the tease began.

He had a match against two top stars and defeated them as well, much to the positive reception of the audience. WWE is testing the waters for a potential Drew McIntyre turn and for those who believe that he's a better heel, we request you to be patient and give this a shot.

After all, Elias, whose gimmick is centered around being a heel - has had two babyface runs now. In the world of wrestling, anything can happen.

Published 15 Jan 2020, 21:40 IST
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