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5 Signs that prove Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose will happen at WWE WrestleMania 35

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A match worthy of being on a WrestleMania card.
A match worthy of being on a WrestleMania card.

It meant much more than winning titles. It was even more important than being accepted by the fans. Roman Reigns winning the most consequential battle of his life against Leukemia has added a real-life layer to his reel character.

It was a peculiar feeling to see The Big Dog make his entrance on this week's Raw without the blaring boos that usually overpowered the squeaky cheers. Reigns is finally the hero he was envisioned to become and it took a drastic turn of events for that to happen.

Anyway, he's back in his yard and fortunately at the right time. WrestleMania 35 is that time of the year when casuals realize pro wrestling still exists while the hardcore fans just pray that the 7-hour show is worth the interminable runtime.

The return of Reigns is certainly a short in the arm for the WWE Creative, who is looking to attentively shape the biggest card of the year. So how does the former WWE Universal Champion feature in the current scheme of things for WrestleMania 35?

There are options galore but only one of them ticks all boxes from a logical perspective. Reigns and Rollins have feuded. Ambrose and Rollins have feuded. Reigns and Ambrose, however, have never been involved in a full-blown storyline with well-defined heel and face dynamics.

The time is right to finally explore the rivalry and these signs prove that WWE is also building up towards the same.

#1. It was always the original plan

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

Before Reigns was unexpectedly forced to go on a hiatus owing to leukemia relapse, Ambrose was earmarked to be the WrestleMania 35 opponent for the Big Dog, as per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

Whether Reigns was supposed to head into 'Mania as the Universal Champion or not is anyone's guess, but Ambrose was the man who would have ideally turned heel in a feud against WWE's anointed poster boy at the Show of Shows.


Ambrose may not have even thought about leaving the company had the plans remained the same. After all, he would have been booked to look much stronger if he was supposed to face the most protected talent of this generation in Reigns.

It's not too late though, as everything seems to have fallen into place for WWE to reignite the plans that were unfortunately scrapped.

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