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SKFabe: Hottest WWE News of the Week (16 Feb 2018)

Riju Dasgupta
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A glimpse of the hottest news, this week
A glimpse of the hottest news, this week

As we head towards Elimination Chamber at a breakneck pace, let's take a moment. As excited as we may be about the pay-per-view, are we really in tune with all that's happening behind the scenes in WWE?

Welcome to SKFabe, a compilation of news that set the wrestling world on fire this week. Here you can not just educate yourself about WWE behind the scenes, but also stay at pace with events that may influence the product over the coming months. Sometimes, the events behind the scenes do determine what happens on camera.

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So, what were the highlights that emerged this week?

#1 Apollo Crews spoke about Tozawa's Titus Worldwide status

What's the latest with Titus Worldwide?
What's the latest with Titus Worldwide?

We had a chance to catch up with Apollo Crews during a conference call this week. Naturally, we asked the question on everyone's mind. Sure, Dana Brooke is a big part of Titus Worldwide now. What's the deal with Tozawa then?

This is what Crews had to say about his stablemate:

We never said he's not a part of Titus Worldwide (Laughs). Just because he's not around doesn't mean he's not part of the crew. So, he's still a loyal, faithful member of Titus Worldwide.

Well, there you have it. Tozawa is still very much a member of the stable. And so is Dana Brooke, from the looks of it!

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