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5 smart booking decisions WWE made at Clash of Champions 2019

672   //    16 Sep 2019, 23:33 IST

A truly eventful show.
A truly eventful show.

Clash of Champions 2019 came to a thrilling end and that means it's full steam ahead to the next big pay-per-view on WWE's calendar, Hell in a Cell 2019. However, let's not jump right onto the road to WWE's next show just yet, as the fallout from Clash of Champion 2019 did have quite a few noteworthy moments.

This is the only night of the year where all main roster Championships in the company are defended and hence, it's no surprise that we saw multiple title changes during the show. Yet, many fans in the WWE Universe feel these title changes are not that significant in the grander scheme of things.

However, while some decisions WWE took may have seemed a bit out of place, there is some praise to be given to the creative team. From shocking returns to cliffhanger endings, let's analyse some of the smart decisions WWE made at Clash of Champions 2019.

#5 Kofi keeps going strong

Kofi is on a roll.
Kofi is on a roll.

Kofi Kingston walked into Clash of Champions 2019 ready to contest the biggest match of his career. A match with Randy Orton may not seem like a huge deal at first. However, when you delve deep into the history these two men have with each other, you can see why it is such a massive moment for the New Day member.

It's well documented that Orton's problems with Kingston back in 2010 ended the high flying superstar's chances in the limelight. And WWE did an excellent job of using those real-life incidents to build heat around this programme during the build-up. Therefore, when it came down to it, Kingston beating Orton clean was a smart decision.

Whether Orton won or lost, it wouldn't affect the bonafide legend's credibility, but it did matter when it came down to Kingston. Kingston is a rookie when it comes to the main event scene, and WWE has been doing a great job in making his title run feel progressive. From Daniel Bryan to Randy Orton, Kingston is going places, and WWE is smartly taking him there in the best way possible.

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