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5 Storylines to debut Samoa Joe on the Main Roster

Can the Samoan Submission Machine destroy Brock Lesnar, or maybe drill in the final nail in The Undertaker's coffin?

Samoa Joe can shake things up in the main roster

In an era when the size of the average wrestler is not much larger than your next door neighbor, Samoa Joe stands out. With an inherent (kayfabe) nastiness, a bad-ass Samoan lineage, and a physique that spells devastation, Joe is a destruction machine like no one else in NXT as of now.

And when he comes to the main roster, we have no doubt that he’ll be a main event player. After all, there’s a serious dearth of vicious, evil looking characters in modern wrestling who can also work like serious world class professionals.

But we’ve seen how talented wrestlers such as Alberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas (former NXT Champion) and even Dean Ambrose can be wasted with bad booking. So here are some ideas to debut Samoa Joe in the right manner, to get him ‘over’ with the crowd and for him to have a long, sustained and productive run in the main roster.

Read on, and share your thoughts.   

#5. Retiring The Undertaker 

This will immediately make him the top heel in WWE

While fans have wanted a John Cena vs Undertaker match forever, John Cena retiring The Undertaker won’t really make sense. Cena’s already a part time performer and while it sets the stage for a heel turn, we all know that Cena will never turn heel, as he's said consistently.

Instead, Samoa Joe can be the one to end the career of The Undertaker and immediately become the number 1 heel in WWE. Fans will definitely turn on Joe, if he were to take out the most beloved character ever, in wrestling history.

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