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5 Superstars Finn Balor hasn't faced in WWE

Riju Dasgupta
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Finn Balor could potentially partake in plenty of WWE feuds
Finn Balor could potentially partake in plenty of WWE feuds

When Finn Balor came up to the main roster following the most recent brand split, he was the hottest thing in NXT. Balor was quickly fast-tracked into the main event picture. He was the inaugural Universal Champion. And then, as luck would have it, tragedy struck.

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Balor has never been able to ascend to the same level of success that he once had. But truth be told, he may have more than one epic feud lined up to get back into the reckoning.

I can name at least 5 WWE superstars he hasn't locked horns with yet, at the very least in a singles environment.

Be sure to let me know whom you'd like to see Balor take on sometime in the future. I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

I think that each of these matches could be modern day WWE classics.

#5 The Undertaker

Not long ago, Balor teased a match with The Undertaker on his own Instagram account. This match makes sense from a variety of perspectives. Of course, the first one that comes to mind is that The Undertaker's dark and mystical persona would be a great match for Finn Balor's demonic avatar.

But that aside, there are so many other reasons why this match potentially makes sense. The Undertaker is always known to do what's 'best for business' and therefore could pass the torch to someone like Finn Balor in a high stakes match.

Moreover, he is nowhere as mobile as he once was, and could certainly benefit from working with someone smaller and more agile than him.

Ultimately, this would be a huge step up for Balor who hasn't really been in a program of importance since his initial RAW run. Anyone who feuds with The Undertaker climbs up the hierarchy quite significantly.

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