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5 superstars Sami Zayn could beat for his first World Title

Sami Zayn's rise to the top is going to be a fantastic storyline - but who will be the final boss?

Sami Zayn
Zayn is the WWE’s next great babyface

In terms of natural babyfaces, you aren't going to find many better than Sami Zayn. The guy has every trait necessary to succeed at the highest level and right now, the world is starting to realise that, with his phenomenal performances week in and week out.

The guy is stealing the show on Monday Night Raw whenever he's given the chance, and it's only a matter of time before things get taken to the next step.

It's no secret that the company are giving Sami a babyface storyline, similar to that of Daniel Bryan back in 2013-2014. It's a smart idea too, given how he's been booked so far, but there are always risks when you consider that Zayn is a part of Raw as opposed to SmackDown.

It could prove to be a benefit in some ways, but the red brand is seriously suffering right now when you compare it to their rivals.

Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that the former NXT Champion is destined to reach the top of the company. Whether it be in 2017 or beyond, Zayn's star will continue to rise and it's important that the run is handled appropriately.

There are a number of different people who he could end up taking the Universal Championship off of, but some of them would create more successful and memorable moments than others.

With that being said, let's take a look at five superstars Sami Zayn could beat for his first World Title - assuming it's on Raw, of course.

#5 Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar
Could Lesnar and Zayn have a solid match?

Look, a lot of people aren't going to buy into this as a serious possibility but hear us out.

The confrontation between Sami Zayn and Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw was brief, but it was brilliant. It's that kind of David vs Goliath tension that you just can't manufacture, and it felt very natural to see the two men in the ring together.

Unfortunately, we're a long way off seeing them battle in a match for the Universal Championship, but that doesn't mean we can't dream about it.

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It would probably have to be some kind of a No Disqualification match in order for Zayn to really have a chance, but just imagine the thunderous reaction if and when Sami pins the Beast Incarnate to capture the World Title. Phenomenal.

Onto yet another big man who Sami has quite the history with.

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