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5 Superstars Who Could Dethrone Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship

Shakil Ahmed
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Kofi became the WWE Champ
Kofi became the WWE Champ

At WrestleMania 35, we saw Kofi Kingston go one-on-one with Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship in a show-stealing match which resulted in Kofi finally being able to achieve his dream of becoming the WWE Champion, after being in the company for 11 years.

There is no doubt that Kofi deserves to have a solid reign with his first world title, as he clearly deserves it out of everybody on the SmackDown roster. However, Kofi's huge win provides plenty of options to potentially take the WWE Championship away from him in the future.

So, here are 5 superstars who can dethrone Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship.

#5 Elias

Walk With Elias
Walk With Elias

A couple of months ago, if you had suggested to anybody that Elias would've been in contention to win a world championship in the WWE, then you simply would've been laughed at. But with Elias' transition to the SmackDown Live roster, there is no denying that he is being set for big things.

Before the Superstar Shake-Up edition of SmackDown, Vince McMahon had announced that Smackdown would be gaining their "biggest acquisition" of the brand's history, which was later revealed to be the debut of Elias on the SmackDown brand.

Obviously, this segment was just a catalyst for the bigger draft pick in Roman Reigns. But the fact that Vince McMahon openly endorsed The Drifter on SmackDown suggests that he will be an important main event player, especially with Daniel Bryan's absence.

Elias has the ability to capture the attention of the WWE Universe whether he's a heel or a face, and that is what makes him special. If he was to defeat Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship, the WWE Universe would definitely be forced to walk with Elias as a world champion.

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