5 WWE Superstars who revealed their funny side on air

Incredibly rare moments
Incredibly rare moments

Tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw saw Mr. Money In The Bank Brock Lesnar come out to confront WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Something seemed odd here though, as Lesnar came out carrying the briefcase over one of his shoulders like a boombox.

The Beast headed to the ring, dancing, singing, and having a good time, as the annoyed duo of Rollins and Kofi watched in disgust. This sudden change in Brock's demeanour kicked off after he won the Money In The Bank Ladder match a couple of weeks ago. Ever since then, Lesnar seems to be enjoying his run as the briefcase holder.

Although it was hinted that Lesnar would be cashing in his MITB contract on either Rollins or Kingston on tonight's episode of Raw, that didn't happen, as Brock realized that the contract won't be expiring any time soon. Although this didn't seem to thrill the fans one bit, at least they witnessed Brock Lesnar dancing and having the time of his life.

In the list below, we'll look at 5 Superstars who embraced their funny side and proceeded to have fun, sometimes at the expense of others.

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#5 Kane


When a fan thinks of Kane, everything that comes to mind is far from amusing. Kane debuted in WWE in 1997, after being subjected to a bunch of ridiculous gimmicks. His character of Dr. Issac Yankem, a dentist, flopped horribly, and so did his impersonation of Kevin Nash.

Later, Glenn Jacobs was given the gimmick of Kane, Undertaker's evil brother. Donning a red attire and possessing a huge stature, Kane soon became one of the most feared wrestlers in all of WWE. That doesn't mean though that he didn't have his fair share of hilarity. Here's an entire compilation of Kane's funniest moments.

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