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5 WWE Superstars that became more popular after an absence

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Taking a look at some very popular returns 

There's an old saying that says "absence makes the heart grow fonder." Well, that quote applies to professional wrestling as well. 

Since the beginning of what we know now as modern pro wrestling, there has been many times when a wrestler has had to step away from the business for a period of time.

Sometimes it's due to an unfortunate injury, sometimes they might be getting released and other times, things are simply not working out for them and they need to take things back to the drawing board for a possible repackaging of their gimmick.

Regardless of the reasoning behind a temporary absence, more often than not, change is a necessary part of the business. Sometimes change is not only necessary but it is, in fact, what’s best for business.

Today, we take a look at five WWE superstars who came back to find themselves adored and love more than ever before. These are 5 superstars who returned to more popularity than they had when they left. 


Rollins was back to claim a title he never lost.

This is an interesting pick right here. Seth Rollins appeared to be on top of the world. He was the WWE Champion and the top man on the main roster. However, if you recall, Rollins was not a very popular superstar, despite being the champ.

I believe the problem may have been due to the way WWE creative booked him to be a somewhat weak champion. Even for a heel, he rarely defended the title. He would show up, play the role for the Authority and disappear back to catering, go take nude selfies, make a crossfit appointment or whatever else uninteresting Vince and crew could think of.

Seth's injury came at a terrible time. Just as WWE was about to make a final turn into New Eras-ville, down he goes with a major injury. Rollins could've and would've definitely been THE guy heading into greener pastures, regardless of the fact that his popularity was dwindling to minimal levels.


After an intensive recovery regimen, rumors were running rampant and the time had finally come. At the 2016 Extreme Rules pay-per-view, it was showtime. 

Roman Reigns and AJ Styles capped off Extreme Rules, in the main event. After Reigns successfully defended his title, Rollins popped up out of nowhere and plants Roman with a mean Pedigree, then stands over his lifeless body, with the WWE Championship in hand, declaring that the Architect was indeed back with a return to his throne in mind.

Seth returned to a very welcoming fan base, eager for change. They were ready to see someone, anyone, other than Roman at the top.

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