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5 Superstars who will be leaving NXT soon...and 5 who are staying put

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NXT was once seen as a springboard for the main roster. Is that still the case?

WWE's former developmental program has evolved into its own entity, with critics regularly praising it as superior to the 'main' brands of Raw and Smackdown Live. Here are five wrestlers who will be leaving NXT in the near future, and five who won't be going anywhere.

Recently, Triple H was quoted as saying that NXT is equal to Raw and Smackdown Live. The Game seemed intent on defending NXT both as its own entity and the WWE brand in general.

"Over the last few years, in some ways, NXT has changed a little bit of what Raw and SmackDown do. Look at the women's revolution. I believe that there was a moment in time where fans were chanting 'Give Divas a chance' because they were seeing what could be on NXT and that transitioned forward. I think that's great.

"Anything that can push something to be better, to evolve and to become something more is a great opportunity to do that. People will often put labels on what it is. Is NXT a little bit of 'old school territory' or 'indie this or that?' I don't know. To me, I just go, 'Is it good or not?' You can put whatever label on it you want."

Bold words from Triple H, who for all intents and purposes is the next in line for Vince McMahon's throne. With the Game's assessment in mind, let's look at ten superstars. Half will be called to the 'main' roster, and half are staying right where they are.

Staying: Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly.

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The former ReDragon and current ROH tag champs, the ROH-honed O'Reilly and Fish bring a great deal of tag team prestige wherever they go.

Their hard-hitting 'strong' style fits right in with the rest of the NXT roster, and their wrestling ability is second to none. Right now, their best bet is to stay right where they are at, and continue to learn the WWE style of wrestling while churning out stellar performances.

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