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5 Superstars you didn't know held the US Championship

The United States Championship's lineage is much longer than some people may think.

US Title
An important championship in every sense of the word

In terms of prestige, things don't come much bigger than the United States Championship. Whilst the WWE Title definitely beats out pretty much every belt, the US strap has been around since the mid-70s. 

It may not have originated in the WWE, but since Vince McMahon went power crazy and bought out a number of different promotions it has become a part of the WWE lineage.

As such, there have been some pretty big names to hold the Championship over the years. With the likes of Ric Flair having numerous reigns over the years, the title has fluctuated between irrelevance and importance so many times that we've actually lost count.

Despite that, nobody can deny that there have been some great matches that have been contested over the belt.

However, much like any other Championship, there have also been some surprise Superstars to have held onto the title too. Naturally different eras signify different styles and as such, there have been some title changes that come across as bizarre, despite the fact they may have made all the sense in the world at the time.

So with that said, let's take a look at five superstars you didn't know held the United States Championship.

#5 Goldust

Goldust’s career has been fascinating

Goldust may well be one of the most underrated talents in the history of the WWE, but not many people would've realised that he went by an entirely different persona before; Dustin Rhodes. The bizarre one, as we now know him, actually held the US title on two different occasions back in the mid-90s.

Both of his title wins came following the belt being vacated before hand, with his wins coming in January and August of 1993 respectively. In his second reign, however, he was defeated for the belt by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Perhaps WWE should've shown Goldy a touch more respect and given him a run later on in his career. From something bizarre to someone a little bit frightening.

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