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5 Surprisingly low picks in the history of the WWE Draft

J. Carpenter
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12.85K   //    25 Jul 2016, 22:38 IST
Since it's inception, the WWE Draft has seen several surprisingly low picks.

2002 was a year of experiments for the WWE. Still feeling the aftershock of a highly successful Attitude Era, the company was transitioning into more of a family-friendly type of programming. At this time, more and more children were starting to get into wrestling and the overall product was evolving from its edgier past, into what was ultimately known as the PG Era.

In the years since, the draft has been a tool used to shake things up, or create a different approach to what was often a stagnant period for WWE. Some will agree that the draft was a critical key to the success of the Ruthless Aggression Era as well. 

Regardless of which year, there's always at least one selection that leaves fans scratching their heads in utter disbelief that a certain superstar was taken  so low in a respective draft.

In this column, we take a quick look at five of those picks that were taken surprisingly low.

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