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5 Takeaways from November 12th episode of WWE Backstage

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14 Nov 2019, 09:32 IST

Three out of the four panelists last night did not approve of the current Lana/Rusev/Lashley storyline.
Three out of the four panelists last night did not approve of the current Lana/Rusev/Lashley storyline.

Perhaps the biggest episode of WWE's new show, WWE Backstage, set the wrestling world abuzz this week. Not only were two big stars revealed to have signed new deals with the company, but a huge name from the past returned - although not to the ring.

At the end of the November 12th episode, Renee Young gave a short intro for a guest that would be coming out to close the show. The familiar song "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour" hit and out walked former WWE Champion CM Punk.

To say that it shocked the world would be an understatement. Punk had long been against returning to the wrestling ring and the WWE. But after reports emerged last month that he had interviewed for a spot on Backstage, the "Punk to the WWE" rumors started to heat up. Well, after a dynamite way to end this week's show, it appears that the Voice of the Voiceless will be working for FOX on a show about the WWE.

Samoa Joe joined the show as a guest panelist and sported a pretty sweet braid, truly taking advantage of his time off to recover from a thumb injury. Adam Cole also recounted how crazy it was to get to SmackDown the day following Crown Jewel. He and the rest of the NXT stars who appeared literally got ready on the way to the arena. It goes to show that sometimes chaotic situations can often lead to magic in the ring. WWE Backstage was full of news this week so here are five takeaways from this week's show.

#5 Mick Foley really is as tough as they say

WWE Legend Mick Foley
WWE Legend Mick Foley

Booker T recounted the tale that saw Foley lose his right ear in Germany. Foley was facing Vader in a match while Booker T watched from backstage. As we all know, Foley got tied up in the ropes and ended up losing his ear.

Ever the professional, Foley was able to finish the match before returning backstage. As Booker was waiting backstage, someone came through the curtains with a particular ear in his hands. The Hardcore Legend had made it backstage shortly thereafter and the man showed Foley the ear. While still in character, Foley as Cactus Jack, gave the man holding his ear the signature "Bang, Bang!!" hand gesture associated with his character.

We all know that Foley has put his body through loads of torture in hardcore matches, by falling through cages and through eating a lot of chair shots. Booker praised how Foley was able to finish the match despite literally losing a body part.

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