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5 Teams That Could Be Split Up Very Soon

Riju Dasgupta
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After all, nothing in life or in WWE lasts forever
After all, nothing in life or in WWE lasts forever

In WWE, as in life, friendships are formed and sometimes, they are dissolved as well. Brothers may ride side by side for months, only to have one member hit another on the back with a steel chair. Alliances that lasted for seemingly an eternity can get destroyed at festivals that celebrate friendship. Life moves on...

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In this article, let's look at 5 groups that could dissolve very soon indeed. Yes, it may seem like all is fine and dandy on television. However, for whatever reason, WWE may believe that there is more equity in splitting the band of brothers or in certain cases, sisters as well.

Do you think these alliances will last over the coming months? Do you see friction in the ranks for them?

Let me know in the comments...

Honourable Mention: The Shield

Sadly, we may not see The Shield reunite when Ambrose returns
Sadly, we may not see The Shield reunited when Ambrose returns

The Shield was on fire during their initial WWE run. They did manage to capture much of the same fire and energy during their second run as well. Unfortunately for them, Dean Ambrose got injured, bringing the alliance to an untimely end. Many people have wondered if The Shield will reunite when Dean Ambrose returns.

Now, that is always a possibility! The Shield is over with the audience and they do sell a lot of merchandise as well. However, I have a feeling that WWE has charted out different pathways for each of the men.

Ambrose could always return as a heel and feud with either Rollins or Reigns. He's not really had a heel run thus far and could really excel in that particular role, if given a chance to shine.

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