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5 things SmackDown Live Does Better Than RAW

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RAW had its time in the sun. Let’s talk about what SD Live does better

WWE has been making the new brand extension seem like it’s a weekly life-and-death situation for the GMs and Commissioners. Both shows are trying to prove supremacy, but both of them have reasons why one is better than the other.

Here are 5 things that SmackDown Live does better than RAW:

#5 Title Feuds 

This could win WWE’s feud of the year award

While RAW may have a larger field of challengers for many of its titles, SmackDown has the advantage in terms of actual feuds for their belts. The Women’s titles are pretty equal, with Charlotte vs. Sasha and Becky vs. Bliss being simple, concise feuds without a lot of silly crap getting in the way.

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The Intercontinental Title feud over the past few months between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz has been great. Part of why it’s great is the way they have changed it up. It went from Miz vs. Ziggler to Miz vs. Ziggler with Ziggler’s career on the line, to Miz and the Spirit Squad vs. Ziggler. It evolved.

RAW has Roman Reigns assaulting women with cake and convoluted, boring storylines that involve worthless Hell in a Cell matches.

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