5 things that John Cena needs to change in WWE

It is no exaggeration to say that some aspects of Cena’s character have gone stale
Harry Kettle

Word life ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to talk about everyone’s favourite former rapper. John Cena has been a key cog in the WWE machine for many years now, with many considering him to be one of the greatest Superstars in the company’s history. Given his run of great matches, it’s hard to deny him that honour, especially considering how durable he’s been despite picking up so many injuries.

But as is the case with any professional wrestler, he certainly isn’t perfect, and because of that, there are a few things we wouldn’t mind altering when it comes to Big Match John. Obviously, some of these points are much more realistic than others, but we’ve got to aim high – especially considering that he’s now moving towards the back end of his career.

We’d like to think that John or WWE will read this list one day and look back on how many of these suggestions actually happened, but in reality, it’ll probably end up being a case of what could’ve been. Not for them, of course, because they couldn't care less what we think, but as fans, we’re programmed to remain hopeful.

With that being said, here are five things that John Cena needs to change in WWE.

#1 Alignment

Well, you know the drill

This is going to sound fairly played out, so we beg you to read on past this first point, but John Cena does need to turn heel at some point. Sure he’s getting better reactions these days, but his recent WrestleMania 33 program turned a lot of people against him once again – especially now that he’s moving into a part-time schedule (we’ll get to that).

If only to make things feel a little bit fresher, Big Match John should turn on someone at WM34 next year to really freshen up his character. Then, whether he leaves straight away or doesn’t, the fans will be instantly more invested in him, and it’ll make his next series of big time matches feel much more special.

Speaking of which...

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