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5 things that must happen at Fastlane 2017

WWE Fastlane is just around the corner and there are certain storylines that need developing!

Triple  H hugging Seth Rollins
These 5 scenarios must play out at the PPV

As Fastlane is the final PPV before Wrestlemania 33 it will be a pivotal indication of how the show of shows in Orlando will play out. In the past years, WWE has often used the penultimate PPV before Wrestlemania as the setup show, the show that brings us returning Superstars and cements major storylines. This year will hopefully be no different.

After a year filled with continuous big match rumours for WM33, Wrestlemania season is finally in upon us. Fastlane will put to bed some of these rumours and confirm others. Either way, the road to Wrestlemania will be much clearer after this much-anticipated night in Milwaukee.

Here are 5 things that need to happen at FastLane 2017.

#5 Sheamus & Cesaro split

Sheamus and Cesaro wrestling in the ring on RAW
Sheamus is a 4-time World champion while Cesaro has won 0

All good things must come to an end. Sheamus & Cesaro have been fairly entertaining on TV as a duo. However, as of late, their gimmick has clearly run out of the steam. Fans have realised that without the tag team titles, they're merely two guys lost in the shuffle on Monday nights.

The quest for the gold was the only entertaining aspect of their alignment, now that that's over, there's nothing left for them.

Despite the ample number of booking in their favour, Sheamus is still not over as a babyface like Cesaro is. However, as a fan who always likes the unexpected, I'd prefer it if Cesaro were to turn on Sheamus. It'd give the Swiss superman some much-needed storyline direction and may even move him higher up the card in the future. We can only hope I suppose.  

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