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5 Things that shouldn't happen at the coming RAW & SmackDown WWE 2019 Draft 

Riju Dasgupta
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36.70K   //    10 Oct 2019, 10:31 IST

Splitting up The OC may not be a wise idea
Splitting up The OC may not be a wise idea

There was a Superstar Shake-Up right after WrestleMania concluded that determined who should go to which WWE brand, either RAW or SmackDown Live. This was not a rule that was set in stone because soon after the rosters were set, the Wild Card rule was introduced.

The Wild Card rule pretty much diluted the brand split and in many ways, cut out TV time for a majority of the performers. But the good news is that with FOX moving to a brand new network, the rosters are going to be set in stone at last, with the upcoming WWE 2019 draft.

WWE needs to be extra careful this time with the picks because there's no Wild Card rule to save them, in case they make a mistake at the upcoming draft. Here's what I would personally like to see at this year's draft.

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#5 Gallows and Anderson on RAW, AJ Styles returns to SmackDown Live

Gallows and Anderson are two highly talented individuals that WWE presumably sees no equity in. It's only when they are paired with AJ Styles, that they are pushed to the very top of the card. This is why, unlike the previous draft, I don't want The OC to split up, and instead, I just want the trio to remain as a dominant unit.

There's also the chance of AJ Styles getting cheered as a babyface when he's all by his lonesome because of just how great he can be in the ring. But the biggest fear is that Gallows and Anderson will be forgotten when they're separated from the Phenomenal One. And that must not happen at any cost!

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