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5 things WWE must accomplish at Extreme Rules

Nicky Pags
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9.45K   //    09 Jul 2019, 09:46 IST

#4 The PG era needs to be declared WWE history

Bobby Lashley and Rey Mysterio
Bobby Lashley and Rey Mysterio

It was previously reported here at Sportskeeda that WWE intends to shift its programming focus to the teenage demographic, which will likely mean the usual PG oriented programming intended for children will slowly fall by the wayside.

With the above in mind, this Sunday night's Extreme Rules PPV is the perfect way to throw the baby in the deep end, so to speak, and show the WWE fans that things are changing in the company.

Attitudes of WWE stars such as Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins need to shed their bright-eyed, smily-faced babyface characters and walk a more risque line, while top heels in the company need to ditch the cowardly routine and get vicious.

This Sunday night's PPV has the potential to feature a milieu of violent offense, and WWE needs to demonstrate to its audience heading into the deal with FOX that it's not afraid to press some controversial entertainment buttons.