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5 Things WWE need to learn from NXT

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 07:15 IST

#4 You need to give time for a character to grow

Fans love these two despite them being a heel because of their character development

The two great revelations of NXT is Sasha Banks and Bayley. What really set them apart from others is their character growth. Both of their characters were crafted over more than a year in a slow methodical manner. And now WWE is reaping the rewards for it.

Both Bayley and Sasha has been off-air for a while, but their popularity has not waned an inch. In fact, fans are eager to have them back. That is what a character that is built over time can accomplish. Much like them, Zayn, Neville, Balor, Enzo have built their characters over time in NXT and the result is their unwavering popularity.

But WWE has been trying to cut straight through the journey and serve people with results in the main roster. Roman Reigns is a Superstar who suffered because of that. He was grooming his character in mid-card and suddenly out of nowhere, WWE pushes him to the main event. The result, as we can all see with our own eyes, is disastrous for both WWE and Roman.

If Roman had spent more time in midcard and earned the fans’ recognition, fans might have gravitated towards him and supported him when the push came. In my estimate, Roman’s push to the main event is six months early and that is what hurt Roman more than anything. Roman’s character didn’t grow to a level the fans wanted and in the end, he is suffering for it.

WWE is trying to make amends for it now, but it might take upto six months before WWE can hear a good pop for Roman or fans may never cheer for Roman at all. Let’s face it, the damage has been done. WWE needs to do some really unexpected, big changes and Roman might have to jump through hoops to repair the damage. But, is WWE willing to do it?

Published 15 Jun 2016, 11:34 IST
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