5 things WWE NXT got right before Vengeance Day: New challengers for tag team titles; former RAW Superstar wins big

Duke Hudson and Andre Chase were successful on WWE NXT.
Duke Hudson and Andre Chase were successful on WWE NXT.

The final episode of WWE NXT before Vengeance Day had a few big matches in store for fans. The New Day invitational was held on the show to determine which team would compete for the NXT Tag Team Championship against the champions Gallus and Pretty Deadly.

A backstage interview involving Toxic Attraction and Roxanne Perez also turned into a brawl to hype up the NXT Women’s Championship match.

Meanwhile, The Creed Brothers got their hands on Indus Sher this week. Dijak also competed against a top heel on the brand to show what he’s made off before his North American Championship shot.

Take a look at the five things WWE NXT got right on the episode before Vengeance Day.

#5. Jinder Mahal’s antics cost The Creed Brothers their match against Indus Sher

The episode of WWE NXT before Vengeance Day kicked off with The Creed Brothers taking on Indus Sher in a tag team match. Veer and Sanga started well and pushed the brothers to the limits before isolating Julius for some time.

Sanga hit the Snake Eyes and a Flatliner for a near fall. Brutus got the hot tag and exploded with a few suplexes before Julius failed to hit Sanga with a powerbomb.

The two teams traded some big moves, and The Creed Brothers took control of the contest for some time. Jinder Mahal looked to interfere in the contest, forcing Ivy Nile to get up on the apron to confront him.

Julius accidentally knocked Nile off the apron, and the distraction allowed Indus Sher to connect with their finisher for the win.

The match was hard-hitting and everything fans expected from the two teams. The finish was a bit odd as Nile has been built as a tough force in the women’s division. The outcome could force her to unleash her dark side in the coming weeks and exact revenge on Mahal and his men.

#4. Dijak showcased his brutality against Von Wagner on WWE NXT

Dijak picked up a much-needed win this week.
Dijak picked up a much-needed win this week.

WWE NXT North American Champion Wes Lee came out to the middle and hyped up his match against Dijak for Vengeance Day. Dijak came out and took some shots at Lee, vowing to dethrone him on Saturday.

Von Wagner came out with Robert Stone, and the latter said that Dijak was no match for his client. Lee enjoyed the confrontation and proposed a match between the two men before a brawl broke out.

The two men competed in a match right away, and Wagner took control early. The former RETRIBUTION member hit back with a lariat and hit a suplex into the corner.

The two superstars continued to exchange some good moves as Dijak’s chokeslam was answered by Wagner with a butterfly bodyslam from the ropes.

Dijak went on a roll late in the match and dodged an Olympic Slam to hit the Feast Your Eyes for the win. The victory proved that Dijak is the most threatening big man on the roster.

WWE needs to give Dijak the win at NXT Vengeance Day. He hasn’t won any major titles in the company and needs to go over to come across as a threatening force.

#3. Axiom and Tyler Bate put on a solid contest this week

The Strong Boy was impressive on WWE NXT.
The Strong Boy was impressive on WWE NXT.

Tyler Bate and Axiom decided to have a match on WWE NXT this week. The two men looked to showcase their skills against each other on Tuesday night.

Bate took control early on and punished Axiom with an arm-wrench submission hold. Axiom tried to fight back, but Bate hit him with a clothesline that went both men over the ropes and outside the ring.

The former NXT UK Champion lifted Axiom over his shoulders to hit his signature Airplane Spin before hitting a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. The two men continued to exchange some fast-paced moves to keep the action ticking.

Axiom hit a Superkick and a Hurricanrana but could not put his opponent away. The Strong Boy finally hit the Tyler Driver ‘97 for the win. Damon Kemp came out after the match and attacked Axiom.

The match was enthralling and showed why the two superstars are among the best on the brand. It will be interesting to see if Bate gets into the top title scene again soon and wins a big one.

#2. Drew Gulak defeated Charlie Dempsey on WWE NXT

The two superstars put on good match on Tuesday night.
The two superstars put on good match on Tuesday night.

Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey finally met in the ring for a singles match on WWE NXT. The two men traded some submission holds to warm up.

After punishing each other with some locks, Dempsey hit Gulak with a suplex before the latter slapped him in the face.

Dempsey got the Chicken Wing submission in before Gulak broke free and sent him to Hank Walker at ringside. The distraction allowed Gulak to roll up his opponent for the win.

The contest between the two superstars was good, but it looks like this is only the beginning. The finish suggests that they will be fighting in a rematch that will most likely take place on Vengeance Day. NXT will need to give them more time to perform in the ring so they can put on a memorable match.

#1. Chase U earned the final spot to challenge for the NXT Tag Team Championship

The Dyad, Chase U, and Edris Enofe & Malik Blade competed in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match this week. The winner was promised a spot in the tag team championship contest at Vengeance Day.

Andre Chase and Duke Hudson dominated for some time before Enofe tagged in. He took control of the contest and isolated Chase before Reid tagged in.

The Dyad hit Chase with their finisher, but the big man kicked out. Hudson tagged in and cleared the ring before Enofe and Blade hit Reid with their finisher before the pin was broken up.

Ava Raine got on the apron to distract Chase, but Thea Hail took her out before she could do much damage. Reid was distracted before Hudson hit the Flatliner for the win.

Chase U has been working on NXT for some time and deserves the win to stay relevant on the roster. They will potentially put on a good showing against New Day, Gallus, and Pretty Deadly at Vengeance Day and could protect the other teams by taking the pin.

What did you make of the latest episode of the developmental brand? Let us know in the comments section below.

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