5 Things WWE Subtly told us on RAW: Huge heel turn set to happen next week, Theory to feud with the 18-year wrestling veteran after SummerSlam?

Kevin Owens returned (left); Theory (right)
Kevin Owens returned (left); Theory (right)

Welcome to this week's edition of things WWE subtly told us on RAW. It was the penultimate episode to SummerSlam 2022, and it wasn't very impressive, to say the least.

This isn't to say that it was all bad, but it certainly wasn't up to the usual standard that Monday Night RAW has had this year. The consensus seems to be that the red brand has been far superior to SmackDown in 2022.

Either way, there were a few things that WWE subtly told us on an episode that seemed to lack a lot of star power:

#5. What will The Judgment Day do at Madison Square Garden next week?

Well, that was quick...@FinnBalor @ArcherofInfamy #WWERaw

Damian Priest defeated Rey Mysterio on this week's episode of RAW. The Judgment Day continued to pursue Dominik Mysterio and essentially forced him to say that he would join the group; if he didn't, they would attack his father.

While Dominik agreed, they told him that it didn't work that way and attacked him instead. Next week, the two teams are set to face off at Madison Square Garden on the same night as the 20th anniversary of Rey Mysterio's WWE debut.

While this week made it seem like there is no chance of Dominik Mysterio turning heel, this is the exact swerve that WWE has used to throw fans off. Expect something big next week.

#4. Theory gets foiled on RAW again, but is it foreshadowing?

.@HEELZiggler just kicked @_Theory1 to another planet!#WWERaw

For a superstar who has accomplished so much in less than a year, Theory loses a lot. Last week, Riddle, Bobby Lashley and 18-year wrestling veteran Dolph Ziggler cost him the match.

It was deserved, however, as Theory shoved Ziggler down before the legend blasted him with a superkick to help AJ Styles score the victory. It seems as though Theory vs. Ziggler will be the direction on RAW after SummerSlam 2022.

#3. A tease of the future for The Street Profits and The Usos?

Will this be a preview of what's to come at #SummerSlam?

In one of the weaker segments and matches, The Street Profits faced off with MVP and Omos. It led to a match between Angelo Dawkins and Omos, where the former won via disqualification.

Adam Pearce then booked a tag team match between The Street Profits and the duo of MVP and Omos. That match also had a dusty finish. However, the Usos standing tall seemed to foreshadow the fact that their undisputed tag team title reign could come to an end very soon at the hands of The Street Profits.

#2. WWE seemingly has huge plans for Riddle

Looks like @SuperKingofBros will have to wait for that Baja Blast....Thanks a lot, @WWERollins!#WWERaw

Seth Rollins has been on the losing end in 2022 more than any other WWE star. Yet, nobody seems to notice and this is for two reasons. First, most of these losses have come at live events, where babyfaces usually win, and second, Rollins' character is so strong that losses don't affect him the same way.

That's why losing to Riddle may not make much of a difference at SummerSlam 2022. Rollins got the better of Riddle this week on RAW, but based on the reactions that The Original Bro gets, WWE clearly has huge plans for him.

It may not be his time yet, but at the rate he is going, it will be soon.

#1. Kevin Owens returns, but is there anything for him at SummerSlam?

Kevin Owens returned to RAW for the first time in nearly a month. His absence was unexplained, and fans are still unsure why he was out of action as there were no rumors about an injury of any sort.

But on Monday, he seemingly implied is that his feud against Ezekiel has been quietly dropped. He made references to Ezekiel and Elias, but he didn't press on it at all. Instead, he stated that he hopes that they will fail, but he quickly moved on in the conversation.

Owens still has the same character and is entertaining, but it seems odd that he had been absent for as long as he was and the feud was abruptly dropped. What is next for the former Universal Champion on RAW? Time will tell.

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