6 things you didn't know about Alicia Fox

Despite constantly entertaining us for over a decade, Fox remains underrated
Despite constantly entertaining us for over a decade, Fox remains underrated
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Alicia Fox or, Victoria Crawford as they call her in the real world, is a seasoned veteran and one of the most underrated female wrestlers during her time in WWE. The former WWE Superstar has consistently provided us with unfiltered entertainment for close to a decade now.

It is difficult to understand why she never got her due. The former Divas Champion wasn't always in the limelight when she was in WWE. So it's not surprising that the WWE Universe doesn't know a lot about Alicia Fox.

In this article, we have six interesting facts about the veteran that you may not have known:

#1 Shares a unique accomplishment with Triple H and Ric Flair

Ric Flair, Triple H & Alicia Fox are the only SuperStars to win a Championship in the #RoyalRumbleLEGEND AF

At the 2021 edition of the Royal Rumble, Fox was able to achieve a unique accomplishment. Entering the Women's Royal Rumble at number 21, her return was spoiled by 24/7 Champion R-Truth and other male challengers making their way to the ring. However, finding the perfect moment, Fox was able to pin Truth to become the first female African American 24/7 Champion. This proved to be a distraction, which allowed Mandy Rose to eliminate Fox. Truth would then regain the championship from Fox.

While her run with the 24/7 Championship lasted mere minutes, the win made Fox the third wrestler in WWE history, and the first woman, to win a championship in the Royal Rumble match. She shares this feat with Triple H and Ric Flair, who won the WWE/F Championship by winning the Royal Rumble match.

#2 Her sister was a wrestler

Families in Wrestling A THREAD Part 2Alicia Fox & Caylee Turner(Sisters)

They often say that wrestling runs in the family. Ric passed his knowledge to his daughter, DiBiase to his son and Alicia Fox to her sister. What many don't know is that Alicia's younger sister, perhaps inspired by her big sister, tried her hand at professional wrestling.

Christina Crawford first became known to the WWE masses through season 5 of Tough Enough, under the name 'Caylee Turner'. However, she was eliminated in the latter stages of the competition. She was then given the opportunity to work in FCW for a while, where she was trained by the likes of Booker T & Trish Stratus.

The pinnacle of her career was when she won the FCW Divas Championship. However, all the good fairytales come to an end, and Christina would retire from wrestling altogether in 2012. She then went on to become a professional cheerleader in the NFL.

#3 Alicia Fox dated Wade Barrett

#ICYMI VIDEO: Alicia Fox references her relationship with Wade Barrett on Total Divas

When Total Divas first appeared on the scene, it was portrayed as a gateway into the lives of the people behind the TV characters. Many fans were particularly excited to have a look at the lives of Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, John Cena & Daniel Bryan, behind the scenes.

But it was the divas, who many hadn't paid notice to, that created the most exciting television. Alicia Fox's revelations about her love life stole the show for a few episodes. It became apparent to the WWE Universe that Wade Barrett and Alicia Fox had dated for a few years and spent a lot of time on the road together.

Fox then revealed that after the two had split, she sorely missed the former Nexus leader.

#4 Was the first-ever African-American Divas Champion

A legend in this business. First and only Black Divas Champion in WWE history. Put respect on Alicia Fox’s name.

We all know how much WWE loves to make history. The idea of 'first-timers' excites Vince and his creative team. Well back in 2010, Alicia Fox officially became the first African-American Diva to become Divas Champion in WWE history.

On Monday Night RAW back in July 2010, a fatal 4-way match took place between Alicia Fox, Maryse, Gail Kim, and champion Eve Torres. Alicia would capitalize on an Eve Torres moonsault to pin Maryse.

Fox would then go on to hold the Championship for nearly two months before she dropped the belt to Melina at SummerSlam.

#5 Used to be a model

Alicia is a professional model and actress
Alicia is a professional model and actress

It's not hard to fathom, given how stunning Fox is. Before making it to WWE, Fox signed a few distribution deals with several fashion magazines. Funnily enough, that's how WWE first discovered her; John Laurinaitis first spotted her in a magazine and then recommended that she be signed.

Of course, she had the look the WWE were aiming for. Luckily for us, Fox is more than an accomplished performer in the ring. As a kid, Alicia enrolled in acting lessons to fulfill aspirations of becoming an actress. It's clear from a young age that she was born to be in front of a camera one way or another, if not through wrestling, she would probably be entertaining people by modeling or acting.

#6 Used to be a delivery girl

Alicia Fox was born in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Alicia Fox was born in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Great success stories often always start with humble beginnings. For Alicia, her fairytale story started as a common delivery girl in an unsafe neighborhood. Before she even began to pursue a career in modeling, let alone her wrestling, Alicia Fox used to deliver pizzas for a local takeaway shop in Florida.

She would work long, late & tiresome shifts at a young age. Perhaps it was the dullness and risk of this job that compelled Alicia to strive for greater things in life.

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