5 times fans invaded WWE matches

Fans have interfered in quite a few WWE matches
Fans have interfered in quite a few WWE matches

WWE RAW witnessed something that is always saddening to see. A member of the WWE Universe managed to evade security and attack RAW superstar Seth Rollins as he was on the entrance ramp. The fan blindsided Rollins and took him down to the floor before security pounced.

This isn't the first time we have seen something like this, but it is always terrifying as you just never know what the fans' intentions are. At the same time, we have to remember that WWE Superstars are just human beings doing their job. There is no excuse for a fan, of any form of entertainment, to jump the rail and interfere in the presentation, let alone attack a participating member of the show.

Remember folks, never ever imitate what the folks on this list have done. It isn't cool, it's uncalled for, and the fans belong in their seats. There will always be serious repercussions. That being said, let's take a look at five times fans invaded WWE matches.

#5 A WWE fan invaded Randy Orton's match on a house show in South Africa

Randy Orton attacked by fan :S #WWEFamily

Randy Orton was ready for his match in Cape Town on WWE's tour of South Africa in 2013. He struck his famous pose on the top turnbuckle before locking horns with Big E. Unfortunately, just as he raised his arms, a fan entered the ring and low-blowed The Viper from behind. A very cowardly move.

Orton was in no position to defend himself when the fan entered the ring, and had no choice but to take the blow. Randy, being the tough cookie that he is, got up and went after the man in question.

Security hauled him out of the ring and the match went on. Reports later confirmed it was a local independent wrestler looking to make a name for himself.

@RandyOrton @JRsBBQ Hey randy do you remember the time you were attacked from behind by a fan? covered the news, which isn't usually the case, and revealed some further details about the attacker:

"The accused party pleaded guilty in court yesterday, August 1, 2013, and was charged and ordered to either pay a fine of 500 Rand or, alternatively, serve 30 days in jail." WWE said.

The move seriously put WWE's trips to South Africa in doubt, and the company did not return to the nation until 2018. Thankfully, no further incidents from later tours of the country have been reported.

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