5 times Goldberg lost in a singles match in WWE or WCW 

Goldberg vs. Triple H
Goldberg vs. Triple H
Modified 09 Apr 2021
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Goldberg is one of the most dominant wrestlers of all time. Over his lengthy wrestling career, Goldberg's winning streak became extremely famous.

The former WWE Universal Champion had a 173-0 undefeated streak in WCW before it came to an end. Consequently, very few wrestlers have defeated Goldberg in singles competition.

The star had a dominant run in WCW and a short run in WWE as well. Since his return to WWE in the late-2010s, he has suffered more defeats at the hands of some of WWE's top stars.

In this article, let's take a look at five superstars who defeated Goldberg in one-on-one matches. As a result, this will not include Goldberg's defeat to Triple H in their Elimination Chamber match in the early-2000s.

#5 Kevin Nash ends Goldberg's undefeated streak — Starrcade 1998

The first entry on this list has to be the most unfair defeat of Goldberg's career. It was also a defeat that should have never happened.

When Goldberg first appeared in WCW, he was this indomitable force. There was seemingly nothing that could come close to stopping his momentum in the ring. He faced and defeated star after star as if they were nothing.

He had some incredible matches in that time as he racked up a 173-0 record, facing DDP, among others. The New World Order (nWo) was the dominant faction in WCW around this time. Almost every wrestler had lost to them at one point or the other.

Unfortunately for Goldberg, they turned their attention to him.

Goldberg was yet to lose a match when Kevin Nash battled him for the WCW Championship. Goldberg dominated most of the match and got ready for a spear when Nash's partner, Scott Hall, dressed as a security guard, knocked Goldberg down with a taser.

Nash took advantage of it and hit him with a Powerbomb to win. Thus, Goldberg's streak came to an end without putting over a young star who needed it, but by satisfying Kevin Nash's ego in a dirty finish.

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Published 09 Apr 2021
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