5 times Hulk Hogan refused to lose a match

  • Hulk Hogan might be one of the greatest ever but he has got that position by refusing to lose to a lot of superstars!
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Hulkamania running wild!
Hulkamania running wild!

Hulk Hogan is easily one of the greatest in pro wrestling history. The man is almost synonymous to WWE and he is one of the first names that come to mind when people think about WWE.

Hogan, at one point, was untouchable and he was the face of the company. He reportedly used to have creative control and also was the one deciding what would happen in his match.

The sad truth about this power is that Hogan misused it a lot of times. While WWE wanted to do things one way, he refused to listen and this mainly happened because he did not want to lost to the superstar he was pitted against.

Here are 5 Superstars who Hogan refused to lose to:

#5 Bret Hart

While Hogan was an established name in the business, Bret Hart was slowly becoming the next big thing in the company. Vince McMahon wanted to put him over with the fans and who better to help to do it than Hogan?

However, that was not what Hulk Hogan had in mind. He was unhappy with the storyline pitched to him and outright refused to lose to Hart. Confirming the same, Hart said: 

“On May 29, [1993], Vince called me at home to tell me the big news that I was getting the belt back. What I didn’t expect to hear was that he was getting ready to call Hogan and hated the thought of telling him that he was too old and tired for a company whose marketing strategy was now based around a “new generation” concept. Vince wanted to make Hogan into the Babe Ruth of the WWF and use him as more of a special attraction. He asked me not to say anything until he had spoken to Hogan.”

Bret added:

“Ten days later, Vince called again. He warned me that he was about to tell me something that would make me really angry: Hogan was flat-out refusing to put me over, saying I wasn’t in his league. Vince had decided that Yoko would be getting the belt instead. I couldn’t believe that Hogan would do this to me. I remembered him shaking my hand at WrestleMania 9, and telling me he’d be happy to return the favor. Vince said he’d have one more meeting with Hogan to try to sell him on it, but if he didn’t go for it, I’d work with Lawler at SummerSlam -instead.”

In December 2018, Hulk Hogan held a Q&A on Twitter in which he revealed why he had refused to lose to Bret Hart. Replying to the fan's question, Hogan said: “Back then before you were born, we still drawing huge money, his era did [not] start yet brother.”

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Published 04 May 2019, 23:10 IST
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