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5 times Superstars copied another wrestler's entrance

What do you do when your entrance isn't good enough? Well that's simple. Steal somebody else's of course!

Top 5 / Top 10 04 Nov 2017, 15:02 IST

Dolph Ziggler plays dress up as fellow Superstar Naomi
Dolph Ziggler plays dress up as fellow Superstar Naomi

Professional wrestling isn't just a sport or a competition. While people who are not fans think it's less than that, in reality, it is so much more. Making it as a WWE Superstar isn't as easy as just being a good wrestler, you need to be the whole pro wrestling package.

There are a few things that are essential for becoming a top WWE Superstar. You need to be able to talk fans into the building, you need to have the look, and just as importantly you need to know how to make an entrance.

Some Superstars don't have that entrance and on occasions take it upon themselves to copy others who have that aspect of their character nailed down. Here are five times that WWE Superstars have mimicked a fellow wrestler's entrance.

#5 AxelMania and Macho Mandow

Damien Sandow impersonating Macho Man Randy Savage
Damien Sandow impersonating Macho Man Randy Savage

Towards the end of Damien Sandow's run with WWE, he began making a name for himself by mimicking other Superstars. Before his run as The Miz's stunt double really stuck he had a good run replicating the great Randy Savage, referring to himself as Macho Mandow.

After a short while of this Curtis Axel took it upon himself to join forces, or powers if you will, with Sandow. The "Axe Man" began dressing as Hulk Hogan and coming to the ring to Real American, declaring that AxelMania was running wild.

The two together were known as The Meta Powers but because of things beyond their control, their run didn't last too long. At the height of it, the Hulk Hogan scandal broke and WWE fired "The Immortal One" from the company. Naturally, they couldn't have Axel coming to the ring dressed as Hogan after that.

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