5 times Vince McMahon and Triple H disagreed strongly

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The two have had few disagreements over the years

Wrestling is the oldest form of theatre still thriving and surviving. To maintain a show like that with multiple storylines playing, disagreements over creative issues are bound to happen.

So, now that we have Triple H handling NXT and being held responsible for its revolutionary success, we can believe how much power he has backstage to veto or turn an issue. It isn’t hard to believe that Vince McMahon will take his ideas into consideration but the final call will be the Chairman’s.

Over the years, there have been a few speculated disagreements between the two bigwigs.

Here are the 5 speculated things that Vince McMahon and Triple H disagreed upon-

  1.  Reigns - Orton Argument
Triple H kept them apart

Back in 2013, when The Shield was strong and thriving, they faced a team made of top stars which had Randy Orton in it. Reigns and Orton had a spot messed up which reportedly led to a loud backstage argument between the two.

So, Reigns being a young star arguing with an established star like Orton called for trouble. Vince McMahon felt that this incident was punishable and wanted Reigns to suffer for this while Triple H was against the idea since he wanted the group to be booked strong in the present and future.

 There were no major implications and The Shield went on to have a dominant journey until their break-up.

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