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5 TNA Superstars who have a criminal record

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Alberto El Patron has been in the news for all the wrong reasons

The life of a wrestler isn't as hunky dory and fun as it seems. Sure, you get to do what you love and travel the world, but the constant working out and crazy travel schedule does take its toll.

Wrestlers have to constantly channel their aggression and ability in the squared circle and while they do fight and battle one another, sometimes that clouds their judgement.

While they might miss a pop or botch up a move in the ring, they also make a ton of mistakes outside the ring too. The fact that they are big names and have a number of followers also puts extra pressure on them to stay clean and out of trouble but things don't always go the way they would want.

There have been a number of episodes where wrestlers have been escorted and arrested while doing a show but sometimes things do go a little too far and a number of such stars end up getting arrested for a range of other charges too, racking up a criminal record too.

Here are five TNA superstars that have criminal records but still continue to wrestle.

#5 Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal
Not going high the wrong way anymore, hopefully

Sydal might be better known during his WWE days but the master of the Shooting star press was arrested in September 2016 while as he tried to defend his title at Destruction in Kobe for NJPW.

The 34-year-old was arrested for carrying a few grams of marijuana in his vaporiser at Kansai Airport in Osaka. Sydal was convicted and was released on probation which means he is banned from entering Japan for three years, which is a bit of a let-off considering how strict Japan is regarding narcotics.

Sydal did speak about the entire issue and added that he was not sent to jail, however, things are a little murky about just how the authorities found out about Sydal's marijuana possession as this was not his first time in Japan.


There are reports that suggest someone tipped off the authorities in the Asian country and that is how Sydal was caught. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson and will only reach the highest spots in the ring.

The TNA star seems to be enjoying his time now in the ring and seems set to continue his high flying ability as he wows the Impact Zone.

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