5 top superstars who buried the WWE locker room

  • Many top WWE superstars did not hold back when burying the locker room!
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The WWE locker room is one of the most important places backstage. Everyone has their role, and there's always a locker room leader. The most famous one of them all is naturally The Undertaker, who was not only the locker room leader, but he was the judge and jury of the Wrestlers court.

While the Wrestlers court is a thing of the past, there have been a couple of people who succeeded him in taking over the reins of the locker room, namely John Cena, and later on, Roman Reigns.

However, there have been multiple occasions where superstars, past and present, have taken a shot at the locker room for whatever reason. The most common jab towards the locker room is complacency. But as you're going to see, there have been superstars, megastars and even some legends who have outright buried the locker room. Here are five such examples of when it happened.

#5. Batista

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Batista got quite a bit of heat in early 2014 when he announced his return and entry into the Royal Rumble. It wasn't his entry that caused heat, but rather a tweet that stirred up the locker room.

He was in a mini social media feud against Alberto Del Rio, who vowed to eliminate The Animal from the Royal Rumble. They were taking a lot of jabs at one another via Twitter, until Batista put out one particular tweet that may have ruffled quite a few feathers. He said:

Seems 2 me that some C level stars in a B level star era have bought into their own hype. Don't turn a work into a shoot. #realitycheck"

Of course, the tweet was unsurprisingly deleted immediately after, but fans caught it before he took it down. That certainly wasn't a good look for him, and PWInsider reported that he had some backstage heat, with many feeling he buried the whole locker room with one tweet.

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Published 01 Apr 2019, 21:46 IST
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