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5 ways Bray Wyatt could emerge from the Lake of Reincarnation

Riju Dasgupta
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Something's afoot and the Great War certainly is not ovah!
Something's afoot and the Great War certainly is not

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy faced one another in the Hardy Compound for the Ultimate Deletion. It was a sleeker version of the clashes we've seen in TNA, adapted into a WWE format. As one would expect, the reaction was quite mixed. Some people loved it and others absolutely detested it.

The finish of the match saw Bray Wyatt submerged in the Lake of Reincarnation. The Lake of Reincarnation is essentially a gimmick change mechanism. We wonder what new persona Bray Wyatt will adopt, in the days that follow.

Bray Wyatt has needed a makeover for a really long time now, considering how stale he had gotten recently. In this article, we shall suggest 5 ways to redeem the talented young man, down from the depths he has sunk into.

Here are 5 new gimmicks that Bray Wyatt can adopt, when he steps out of the Hardy Compound's Lake of Reincarnation.

#5 As Husky Harris

The only reason this gimmick ranks so low down the list is because of how little fondness Bray Wyatt has for the gimmick. He's gone on record to say that he doesn't even think back fondly about the 'Husky Harris' part of his career. He's described the gimmick as a 'shell' of what he would eventually become. The character inspired Wyatt's creation.

However, considering how poorly Wyatt has been faring these days, maybe a return to his old gimmick could be in order for the man. After all, he was part of a stable with CM Punk, perhaps the most successful Superstar of the modern era. Fans may remember the time quite fondly indeed.

While this may seem like a step back, any kind of reincarnation would benefit Wyatt significantly. The Husky Harris persona may allow him to do a lot more things than usual, and explore creative avenues that the Bray Wyatt character would not really allow him to do.

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