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5 ways Jinder Mahal vs Brock Lesnar could end

How will the Survivor Series 2017 main event end?

How will this match turn out?

Brock Lesnar vs Jinder Mahal isn't just a fantasy match-up to play on your new WWE 2K18 video game. It's really going to happen at Survivor Series. But what does WWE have planned?

There are several ways WWE could go in this match and they're all a bit complicated. After all, they need to make both guys look reasonably strong after this match seeing how Lesnar and Mahal are both champions of their respective brands.

So here are 5 ways WWE could go with this encounter. Although a couple might seem far-fetched never put anything past WWE to outdo this list's ridiculousness.

5 Jinder Mahal beats Goldberg's record

Let's see how Jinder Mahal fares at Survivor Series against Lesnar

Goldberg has a couple records in pro wrestling and he had more before Asuka happened. But one thing Bill Goldberg can still brag about is the fact he defeated Brock Lesnar at the 2016 Survivor Series one minute and twenty-six seconds into the match.

As soon as the bell rings to start this match, the Singh Brothers could jump on the apron to distract "The Beast Incarnate". Lesnar would turn around and in that moment, Jinder Mahal hits The Khallas and scores a surprise pinfall. This booking decision would also make Mahal's finisher look incredibly strong.

As Mahal celebrates in the ring in front of an astonished Houston crowd, Roman Reigns could waltz onto the entrance ramp just to point and laugh at Lesnar. They could let the entire Shield come out and laugh too which would be fun.

Now Brock Lesnar has something to fight about and even if Roman Reigns doesn't win the Royal Rumble, "The Beast Incarnate" might request a match against Reigns just to shut him up.

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