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5 Ways to Book Bray Wyatt After No Mercy

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15.23K   //    11 Oct 2016, 17:03 IST
What’s next for the mystery man on the blue brand?

WWE may have run into the same issue it had prior to its brand split in July – stagnation with storylines.

After watching the most recent pay-per-view for the blue brand, No Mercy, I am left feeling the company that wanted something fresh and innovative is trapped in the cycle of producing the same matches over and over again.

I'm also left wondering what the plan for Bray Wyatt is moving forward. WWE's most cryptic character is trapped in a mid-card situation he cannot get out of right now.

While placing the "Eater of Worlds" in a program with Randy Orton is the best move for both the competitors and the company right now, it does not place the former Husky Harris any closer to title contention. This might be the company's biggest flaw – not taking advantage of the most well-rounded performer on his roster.

In years past, when wrestling mattered, characters had a backstory, had some mystery to them, and fans knew them for their personalities. If anything, Wyatt is a throwback. He resonates well with fans my age because he embodies the same traits that made Kevin Sullivan, Adrienne Street, and Raven so popular.

There isn't a single person, male or female, on the current roster for both the red and blue brand that comes close. What WWE plans to do about the situation is still a mystery because he hasn't been placed in the main event picture. That must change.

If the McMahons want to move forward in this new era, they must take a step back and re-evaluate what professional wrestling was in the 1970s, 1980s, and early 1990s. Wyatt is the perfect fit for that kind of role - helping define this new era.

It appears Luke Harper will have some hand in the current program with Orton moving forward. I suspect Wyatt will be part of this mainly because the company has no other place for him at the present time. But nonetheless there has to be a time in the near future when everything becomes "real" and Wyatt becomes a serious threat to one of the company titles.

Here are five possible ways to book Wyatt following No Mercy.

Keep him where he is:

Will Bray Wyatt continue his feud with Randy Orton?

The shame of this is that a feud like this one is third or fourth on WWE’s conscience. If this were three years ago, Orton and Wyatt would be a main event in waiting. Now, it is a blip on the radar. Thank the brand split and bad booking for this one. Orton needs Wyatt and vice versa.

How will the connection with Harper – who showed up on Sunday night – lead to bigger things? Will someone from the back come forward and help Orton in the fight?

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