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5 Ways to book Paige's potential return

  • There are some interesting ways in which WWE could book the return of Paige.
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Modified 08 Jan 2020, 13:08 IST

#3 As A Manager For Humberto Carillo

Carrillo could use someone like Paige in his corner
Carrillo could use someone like Paige in his corner

It is obvious that WWE officials like the prospect of Humberto Carillo and his in-ring abilities however in WWE you have to be able to connect through promo. That is something that Humberto may struggle with due to language barriers. Why not put one of the most charismatic women ever in his corner and help elevate his character?

Humberto is also in a feud with Andrade and has been written off TV due to a DDT onto the outside of the ring.

The current United States Champion who currently has Zelina Vega as his manager and Carrillo could use someone in his corner.

Paige would depth and would also add many layers of intrigue to a young and hungry exceptional in-ring talent. Paige raising Carrillo's hand after his US Title match at WrestleMania could be a career-altering moment for the young Superstar.

Published 08 Jan 2020, 13:08 IST
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