5 ways WWE could book The Shield

The Hounds Of Justice have returned!
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The Shield is back together and everybody is excited. The WWE Universe who might only be familiar with Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as singles competitors is in for a wild ride full of fist bumps and Shield Bombs.

But what does WWE have in store for "The Hounds Of Justice" from this point on? It is certainly an entertaining idea to ponder on. Here are five ideas that came to mind when thinking about what The Shield could be up to during their recent reformation.

As with any list of ideas, some options might be a stretch but you can never count out the possibilities WWE can pull off when they put their mind to it.

#5 Roman Reigns' heel turn

Would he ever go full heel?

Everyone's been talking about a Roman Reigns heel turn for as long as he's been on the roster. There are so many characteristics about his persona that could really be turned up to give him a heel mystique.

After rejoining with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, he is sure to get plenty of booming ovations, but what if this comeback of The Shield is shortlived?

Reigns could be the one turning on his brothers this time and make himself a merciless heel in the process. If WWE chose this direction he could still win the big match at WrestleMania 34, but Brock Lesnar would need to be booked as the babyface.

Lesnar, Reigns, and Ambrose all tangled at Fastlane 2016. But this proposed four-way could be amazing.


WWE could still make a lot of money of Roman Reigns and turning him full heel could propel Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose even farther up the roster.

#4 The new faces of WWE

WWE's future top three stars

WWE has wanted Roman Reigns to be the top guy of the company for a long time. This is evident in a lot of obvious ways. As much as WWE tried to make Roman Reigns a widely received top babyface, there was still considerable resistance in many of the markets WWE travels to.

But The Shield is a money idea and it's one that WWE has been holding in their back pocket since Seth Rollins broke up the "Hounds Of Justice" so many years ago. WWE might have figured to make Roman Reigns the top babyface, but he needs to have his brothers by his side.


This reformation of The Shield could cement the future for Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns to share the role as the top face of WWE.

If they go their separate ways again, WWE could simply write it as a brotherly parting instead of a ruthless betrayal. All three of these Superstars could use this status to dominate the top slots in WWE for the remainder of their time with the company.

#3 WrestleMania main event change

WrestleMania 34 could get a lot bigger

Imagine the story if The Shield makes it to the Royal Rumble. The Shield could dominate the match and destroy everyone coming their way. Once Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose dispatch every other participant, The Hounds Of Justice could stand alone as the only three left.

All three members of The Shield could then all look at each other and go to their own side of the ring. As Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose step onto the apron people would wonder what they're doing.

Then all three members of The Shield could jump down to the floor at the same time. After much confusion on what to do the decision is made to turn the main event of WrestleMania 34 into a fatal four-way for the Universal Title.

Brock Lesnar would be forced to defend his Universal Championship against all three members of The Shield in a match so epic it could only take place at WrestleMania.

If WWE went this direction they could still have Roman Reigns leaving New Orleans with the Universal Champion and he might be an even bigger star this way as well.

The Shield could carry on again until their eventual disbanding once again but Roman Reigns would lead The Hounds Of Justice at Universal Champion and solidify himself as the 'Top Dog' in WWE.

#2 Return of CM Punk

It might be a long shot, but anything's possible

Legend says that The Shield was first brought in to be muscle for CM Punk. Punk has spoken in the past how he was the one who pitched the idea to WWE creative, only for Roman Reigns to be replaced by Kassius Ohno in Punk's proposal.

History told of how The Shield debuted and rose to popularity, but it would have been much different if CM Punk had been their leader as first proposed.

There's currently an ugly legal matter between Punk and WWE, but you can never say never in pro wrestling. The Shield will have a nice run and tell some good stories but eventually, there might be time for a shake-up.


What if WWE starts throwing in references that there is a grand mastermind behind all of this? From the Raw Tag Team Title victory at SummerSlam to The Shield's reforming, all of it was carefully orchestrated.

When the time comes to reveal this unseen force, "Cult Of Personality" could ring out once more and CM Punk would come out to one of the biggest reactions in WWE History.

Punk could announce himself as a part-timer and wear the badge proudly as he only faces handpicked opponents. But whenever he showed up it would be in association with The Hounds Of Justice. This decision might do a lot of amazing things in the overall landscape of WWE.

#1 Strap a rocket to SaNITy

SaNITy could be a game changer

SaNITy is currently sitting on top of the NXT Tag Team Division with their championship gold heading into NXT TakeOver: WarGames. It doesn't look like they'll be dropping the titles before November because their NXT Tag Team Titles don't seem to be on the line.

NXT is sure to have a takeover special in Philadelphia before the Royal Rumble and SaNITy could drop their titles to The Undisputed Era's O'Reilly and Fish at the show. But on the next night during The Royal Royal Match, SaNITy could appear out of nowhere during Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose's Raw Tag Team Championship match.

The crux of this story is Rollins and Ambrose keep their titles until The Royal Rumble but it could be in the cards. SaNITy pick a bone with The Shield which would result in some epic matches and present some interesting developments.

Not only would this feud strap a rocket to Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain but Nikki Cross' involvement would rip through the Raw Women's Division. Sasha Banks also possibly could join the ranks of The Hounds Of Justice as they've hinted about in the past.

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