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5 ways WWE could make SummerSlam a solid pay-per-view

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9.60K   //    10 Aug 2018, 00:59 IST

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Can Summerslam once again be the biggest event of the summer?

A couple of days ago rumors were circulating that the higher-ups in WWE are actually not satisfied with the Summerslam 2018 match card, and who could blame them as the matches on the card are repetitive bouts that fans have already seen several times in the past.

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So, technically they have themselves to blame as the creative team's unwillingness to create fresh matches for arguably the second biggest pay-per-view of WWE's calendar year is shocking.

But as with everything in WWE, Summerslam could be saved from disaster, as the card is expendable enough to create more ups than downs on the night. '

From a huge reunion to letting another championship main event the pay-per-view, Summerslam 2018 has all the potential in the world to be a solid show, but as we have learned in the past, potential doesn't matter when it is wasted.

Therefore, WWE can avoid wasting the potential of the Summerslam 2018 match card if they make the following decisions.

#1 A white-hot opener

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Will the rumors prove to be correct?

The biggest rumor heading into Summerslam 2018 is the reports of Dean Ambrose returning to assist Seth Rollins in his umpteenth match against Dolph Ziggler for the IC Title, and while many might say Ambrose returning as a babyface is might be a mistake, it actually is not.

As WWE could rather show Ambrose's slow turn to a lunatic heel, as that would make for interesting television, and everyone knows WWE could use that right now.


Therefore, Rollins vs Ziggler is the perfect match to open this pay-per-view, as the fast-paced barn burner these two world-class athletes can produce will set the tone for the entire show.

Moreover, throw in an Ambrose return, and Summerslam 2018 is off to a white-hot start, and looking at the state of the Summerslam match card WWE needs to get the show kicked off with a huge moment, and a partial Sheild reunion could do just that.

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