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5 Weirdest WWE RAW matches you may not remember 

John Cena and Triple H
John Cena and Triple H
Anwesha Nag
Modified 07 Aug 2020
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The WWE Universe has witnessed its fair share of quirk on Monday night RAW matches. Over the 27 years, there have been countless gimmicks and stipulations that shocked the fans around the world. Botched up storylines, whacky impersonations, breaking kayfabe, as well as mass walkouts – RAW has seen it all.

Fans remember most of these epic fallouts, no matter how madcap and surreal they were. But some of them were so eccentric that the WWE Universe either tried hard to forget or simply did not bother to remember. Here are the 5 weirdest WWE RAW matches that you might need a brush-up on.

#5 Kevin Nash vs. Chris Jericho – WWE RAW August 18, 2003

Kevin Nash in
Kevin Nash in 'The Punisher' (2004)

Hair vs. hair matches played out some of the wackiest stipulations on WWE television. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk, Vince McMahon vs. Donald Trump, Kurt Angle vs. Big Show, and most recently Sonya Deville cutting Mandy Rose’s trademark golden locks are some of the most memorable. The 2003 RAW match between Y2J and Big Sexy is one that the WWE Universe does not like to remember much, especially because how the fans never got what they were promised – a bald head for the loser.

Chris Jericho challenged Kevin Nash for a hair vs. hair match during their feud back in 2003. But soon he tried to get out of the match and Nash this time stepped it up, threatening to shave Jericho’s head all the way if he backed away. Bottom line – someone was getting bald on Monday night. Sly and underhanded tactics helped Y2J win the match after all, and he wasted no time in snatching the clippers from the barber. But Nash got away with only a quick trim instead of a shaved head as Jericho chopped off chunks of his blonde locks away. The WWE Universe was left confused as Nash sat there in the ring like a kid with a summer haircut he never wanted.

Nash remained decidedly unshaved for the remaining 6 days of his WWE run. Turned out, the hair cutting on WWE television was an excuse for his short-hair look as the Russian on 2004 film, The Punisher based on Marvel Comics. All things considered, it could have been worse.

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Published 04 Aug 2020, 23:42 IST
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