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6 Women wrestlers who are perfect to play Sister Abigail

Have WWE signed the wrestler to play the mysterious character?

Allusions have been made in the past

Bray Wyatt’s gimmick as a cult leader has been far too fascinating for so long. It might have been difficult for many to actually comprehend what it is that he’s been mumbling in his promos but hands down, he is the one character who has more depth than any other on the main roster.

One of the character tropes is his reference to Sister Abigail and many have wanted to know who she really is. Many have speculated that she may be Wyatt’s older sister who’s had some tremendous influence in the way he sees the world.

She is most probably older than him. Some have speculated that she may be not at all related to him but is simply known to people around her by her moniker. It appears that her influence is quite entrancing. Wyatt’s finisher is named after her.

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At a time when reality seeps into many storylines and characters, Wyatt’s gimmick has been shielded by it and that has made all the difference

Here are 6 wrestlers who could play Sister Abigail

Crazy Mary Dobson

She sure as hell meets the requirements

Sarah Bridges, better known as Crazy Mary Dobson, is one of the latest WWE signings to NXT. Her unhinged character perfectly fits the Wyatt Family mold and due to that very reason, many reports claim that she is brought on board for the lucrative role. 

Having wrestled extensively in the indie circuit, a premature call-up could also be on the cards for the talented wrestler, who now wrestles under the name Sarah Dobson. With the Wyatt Family in the midst of a resurgence with the help of their new memeber Randy Orton, this could be the best time to introduce her.

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