4 WWE Superstars injured by Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins injured
Okay, not Sami Zayn. He was just pretending.

We can say without a shadow of a doubt, that Seth Rollins is one of the best wrestlers in the world. Maybe, of all time. His in-ring work is unparalleled. His charisma is unmatched. In fact, ‘Crossfit Jesus’ appeals both to casual fans and hardcore ones with his incredible move-set, excellent psychology, and powerful presence. He is destined for greatness, and if we had to predict the new Universal Champion(who will be crowned on Raw next week), as of this moment we would pick him over Roman Reigns, Big Cass, and Kevin Owens.

But recently, Rollins’ own hero Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart brought out his biggest weakness. Rollins is not the safest worker in the ring. We can, of course, shake our heads and call Bret a grumpy old curmudgeon, but the truth remains...Rollins’ track record suggests that he can be a liability to his fellow superstars in the squared circle. Of course, the champion that he is, we are sure he is working on this aspect of his work. But read on, to find out, which stars have been hurt by Seth Rollins.

1: John Cena

We can’t see you...but you can’t smell us

John Cena and Seth Rollins had quite a feud last year. Both of them put on incredible matches and had great chemistry together. Once, when they were main eventing Monday Night Raw, a flying knee from Rollins crushed Cena's nose. John Cena suffered a horrible nasal fracture and these grisly pictures emerged on the internet. Of course professional that he is, Cena continued the match, and won it with the STF.

Seth Rollins spoke at length about this injury on Talk is Jericho and justified his actions saying that Cena is a ‘clumsy fella’ and not a ‘graceful individual’. According to Rollins, Cena leans and throws his body into whatever he’s doing, when he’s unsure about something. Rollins also remembers hearing John Cena’s nose crushing through his thick kneepad and thinking ‘this is bad’.

Super Cena was of course, back on his feet in almost no time. And he returned back to the spot of ‘face of the company’. Rollins continued to put on great matches, and all was forgotten. Until, another superstar came along who was injured by Rollins.

2: Sting

Sting suffered a stinger at the hands of ‘The Man’

For those who grew up during the Monday Night Wars, Sting was the man; descending from the skies and taking out the nWo with a baseball bat. So much so, that in today’s wrestling world, he has gained near legendary status. Seth Rollins too is a huge fan of ‘The Icon’ and even dressed up as Sting for Halloween. One of the things that Sting wanted to do, before he ended his career, was to have one final match for the WWE Championship.

The two of them met last year, at Night of Champions, and even at his age, Sting, had a fantastic match with Rollins. The crowd was chanting ‘you still got it’ when Sting dove off the top rope on to Rollins. And then disaster struck. After two buckle bombs Sting just hit the ropes and collapsed. The crowd looked on, shocked. Sting managed to get up and finish the match but wrestling fans knew something was amiss.

Sting admitted later that it was entirely his fault, and put Rollins over as the best wrestler he’s ever been in the ring with. Big praise coming from a man who faced’s Ric Flair, Vader, Kurt Angle and Triple H. But, Sting isn't the only supernatural character he would injure.

3: Finn Balor

The Demon King with his demon sling

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor had an amazing match at what was an otherwise disappointing Summerslam. Finn Balor was crowned the new Universal Champion, and the legacy of the Demon King began. As wrestling fans, we were excited to enter a new era with Balor at the helm. Until Monday Night Raw earlier today, when we found out that the same dreaded move that ended Sting's career – The Buckle Bomb had injured Balor’s shoulder as well.

He’s currently out for at least 6 months. Finn Balor had to relinquish his championship, and wrestling fans worldwide were heartbroken. Can we file a petition to ban the Buckle Bomb already?

4: Seth Rollins

Even Rollins isn’t safe from Rollins

Seth Rollins is one of the best innovators in the business. His high flying moves are the signature of the New Era. However, late last year, at a live event in Dublin, Rollins damaged his knees badly in a match against Kane. One has to ask, is his high-flying style too demanding on the human body, considering the hectic WWE schedule? Does he need to tone his style down a notch, for career longevity?

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