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5 worst Elimination Chamber entrants

Sean Anderman
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16 years ago, Eric Bischoff created the Elimination Chamber Match. The Match has gone threw a lot of ups and down's over the years. High's like the very first chamber match in which Shawn Michaels won after being gone from wrestling for about five years. Also to the low's like in 2006, when WWE held a ECW PPV called ''December to Dismember''. Nothing about that match was good and was definitely a low point in the history of the match.

The Elimination Chamber PPV is in a few weeks. This year will feature two chamber matches and one of them for the first time will be a women's chamber.

Usually, the winners of the matches are pretty obvious, and they go on to face a world champion. This year it'll be Roman Reigns winning so he can face Brock Lesnar. It's a match no one wants to see but are going to have to deal with. Let's pretend someone good is going to win.

Let's look at the past as we see some chamber entry's that weren't good and was a space filler.

#5 R-Truth (2010)

Enter captio
A waste considering he didn't do anything

R-Truth has been in four chamber matches if you can believe it. So, to pick one was a bit hard. His 2010 appearance ultimately won. In his four appearances, he's only had one elimination. That was King Barrett in 2015.

In his 2010 appearance, he didn't do anything. He lasted about three and a half minutes before being eliminated by CM Punk. It was a waste because him being there was only to set up the CM Punk/Rey Mysterio feud for that year's WrestleMania.

Some years, it would be ideal for WWE to make it a five person chamber if at least one will be a waste anyway.

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