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5 WrestleMania 33 matches that were set up at WWE Elimination Chamber 2017

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 was a success in more ways than one.

What will the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match be at WrestleMania 33?

On the whole, WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 was an enjoyable event, but it was far from the best pay-per-view SmackDown Live has produced since the dawn of the Brand Split. However, it was designed to further feuds and start storylines on the road to WrestleMania 33 and it was certainly successful in that respect.

As the blue brand's final event before WrestleMania in early April, Elimination Chamber set in motion several stories that are bound to carry us through the Show of Shows. Anything can happen in these next two months, but it's encouraging that the majority of SmackDown's 'Mania matches appear to already be set in stone.

In addition to being a newsworthy night, Elimination Chamber featured the planting of seeds for these five WrestleMania matches.

#5 Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton have been at odds since the summer

Alright, so this matchup has been pretty apparent for WrestleMania 33 for a few months now, but it was finally confirmed for the card at Elimination Chamber. Following his Royal Rumble victory, Randy Orton could have faced a plethora of opponents for the title, but ultimately, it will be the newly crowned WWE champion, Bray Wyatt.

These two have plenty of history dating back to the summer when Wyatt had initially set his sights on Orton. The Viper later aligned with The Wyatt Family, becoming the most dominant force in SmackDown's tag team division for a time.

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Now that each of them have gone their separate ways, they are fixated on success in the singles ranks. It's unlikely that their match will headline WrestleMania, but it will undoubtedly be the biggest bout that the blue brand will have to offer at the event.

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