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5 WrestleMania matches that could become a gimmick match

We know that WrestleMania 33 will have gimmick matches. Let's look at the 5 matches most likely to have a gimmick added to them.

The official WrestleMania 33 poster

WrestleMania commonly has a number of gimmick matches, be it, Hell in the Cell, Ladder matches, street fights and others. This year will be no different. We outline the top 5 matches mostly likely to get the gimmick treatment at this year's “showcase of the immortals.” 

#5 Ambrose vs. Corbin

A normal singles match would not do justice to this feud

After Baron Corbin used the folk-lift on Dean Ambrose on the latest episode of SmackDown, it would be strange to now have the two do battle it out in a straight up wrestling match. Prior to that Corbin also hit Ambrose with the “Deep Six” through a speaker.

The IC title is being wasted right now on Ambrose. Corbin made his presence known one year ago at WrestleMania and could walk out of Orlando with one of the company’s most prestigious titles.

Based on recent outcomes on SmackDown, it seems like this will be a stipulation match. My guess is it will be a falls count anywhere match.

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