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5 WWE Superstars who were successful after wrestling

Professional wrestling is something those involved in it are passionate. How successful are some after their careers came to an end?

Top 5 / Top 10 13 Mar 2017, 22:36 IST
Where does Stratus rank amongst our list of former wrestlers with successful post-wrestling careers?

Professional wrestling is something that those involved in it are passionate about. They don't do it because they have to, but because they want to. However, the physical toll it can take on one's body suggests that the pain isn't necessarily always worth the gain.

For all the John Cenas of the world, there are some veterans of twenty years in the business still touring the independents in search of their opportunity to showcase what they can do on the most prominent stage of them all.

Not a lot is made of what happens to wrestlers once their time in the ring is through. Often, we only hear of the cases of men and women who are in financial difficulty, when the physical burden that came with being a professional wrestler leaves them with nothing.

However, there are several instances of wrestlers that didn't allow wrestling to dictate their future. While they are proud of their accomplishments in the ring and of who they are, they are equally proud of the lives that they’ve made for themselves after wrestling.

Here are five former wrestlers who have made a successful career for themselves after their careers were over.

#5 Rick Steiner

As talented a wrestler he was in the ring, Rick Steiner has proven to be just as successful in politics

During his wrestling career, he was known as the dog-faced gremlin. As cool a nickname as that was, his toughness and ability to change the complexity of a match using his athleticism was remarkable.

Fans’ earliest exposure to Steiner was when he was under the tutelage of Kevin Sullivan as part of the Varsity Club, alongside Mike Rotunda. He was portrayed as a simpleton, but when he stepped between the ropes, Steiner could go.

Much like his brother Scott, Rick could suplex anyone anywhere, taking them right out of their boots. Whether it was an overhead, a gut wrench or a belly to back, Steiner was a suplex machine.

Once Steiner's wrestling career ended, it didn't mean that his life ended. For the past thirteen years, Steiner has operated his own real estate brokerage and has sold real estate. In addition to that, Steiner ran unopposed in 2006 for the Cherokee County School District as a write-in candidate and won.

Steiner has proved that there is life after wrestling, as his post-career success suggests.

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