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5 Wrestlers who loved to use brass knuckles

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The brass knuckles

A heel tends to use all sorts of devious tricks to get ahead – and there is nothing more devious that gaining an unfair advantage by using a foreign object on the beloved baby face with the referee’s back turned. 

Some superstars have made a career by flattening their opponents illegally during their matches – be it Triple H’s dreaded sledgehammer, Edge and Christian’s patented Con-chairto or even Tajiri’s green mist. But nothing compares to the traditional heel favourite – the brass knuckles.

A shot with the brass knucks made a believable one punch – sure fire three count move and many superstars have utilised the same to great effect.

Here is a look at five guys who loved to use brass knucks in the ring.

#1 William Regal

William Regal about to unload on Mr.Kennedy

William Regal picked up more victories in a WWE ring using the dreaded brass knucks than using his Regal Stretch finisher, which tells a lot about how potent a weapon the knucks were in Regal’s arsenal.

Regal made his bones in the WWE as a snobby British aristocrat in the new millennium. Regal had a host of Intercontinental and European title runs and most of them were aided by the use of brass knuckles.

He even had a rivalry with Edge in 2002 centred around Regal's use of brass knuckles in matches. It resulted in the abysmal idea of ‘brass knuckles on a pole’ match, but the concept of the knucks fit in perfectly with Regal’s heel persona.

The high maintenance Brit stooping to the lows of the knucks to get a victory – classic heelery!

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