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5 wrestlers who were treated unfairly by Vince McMahon and where they are now

You can always count on Vinnie Mac... kind of.

Top 5 / Top 10 26 Feb 2017, 16:15 IST
Vince doesn’t have a great relationship with honesty

Vince McMahon views the line between respectful and horrendously disrespectful as a jump rope.

He goes back and forth over it time and time again, and one day it's just going to snap altogether and he'll be exposed for all of the cruel things he's done over the years. Now, with that horrible start to the article out of the way, let's talk about screwjobs.

We all know them and we all love or hate them dependent on our preferences.

Whatever the case may be, nobody can deny that they're extremely effective in getting the people talking when it comes to professional wrestling. Unfortunately, a number of the incidents on this list didn't take place in front of a camera - but instead transpired behind the scenes.

Does that make them any worse than if they happened in front of a live televised audience? It's hard to say.

What we can state with absolute confidence is that Vince McMahon is in no way a saint, and there have been numerous occasions over the years where it's felt as if he's just gone a little bit too far. Some may disagree, however there's likely alot of people reading this and nodding their heads simultaneously.

So without further ado, let's take a look at five wrestlers who were screwed by Vince McMahon and where they are now.

#1 Bret Hart

The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be

We all know the story so let's cut to the chase - the Montreal Screwjob was one of the most controversial moments in the history of professional wrestling.

Both sides had their reasons for doing what they did, and fans will continue to debate the issue until the day they die. But hey, Bret ended up coming back so we should probably just sweep it under the rug right?

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Wrong. Vince screwed Bret over big time as much as he will claim that he didn't, and Bret probably still harbours a touch of animosity towards him to this day.

At present, Bret is appearing on numerous podcasts whilst also appearing on WWE television from time to time. He's made up with the company now as we all know, but his bitterness continues to manifest every so often.

Onto a man who Bret has always had quite high praise for.

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