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5 WWE decisions that would be good for pro-wrestling but bad for sports entertainment

Published 21 Jul 2018, 13:20 IST
21 Jul 2018, 13:20 IST

5 WWE decisions that is good for pro-wrestling but bad for sports entertainment
A match-up that would be good for pro-wrestling but bad for sports entertainment

Pro-wrestling and sports entertainment are two very different terms. The former looks into it as a form of art whereas the latter is concerned only with monetary benefits.

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WWE is more of sports entertainment than pro-wrestling these days. The fact that Roman Reigns gets pushed despite resounding boos from the audience is because of its transition into a sports entertainment product. The pro-wrestling fans hate him but the sports entertainment fans worship him, and his merchandise figures are a testament to it.

Here we discuss five WWE decisions that would be good for pro-wrestling but bad for sports entertainment.

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#5 Heel turn for John Cena and Roman Reigns

Rather than starting with something crisp, let's start with something magniloquent. The last thing which the sports entertainment fans would want to see is their two seemingly faithful Gods, Roman Reigns and John Cena, turn into demons.

However, the pro-wrestling fans are waiting for this moment since eternity. John Cena was a terrific heel in his rapper days, and Roman Reigns can transition into a good heel if given the opportunity.

So, what is the probability of the scenario? None. If WWE turns John Cena and Roman Reigns into a heel, they are most likely to go bankrupt. Vince McMahon might not know what is best for pro-wrestling, but he certainly knows what is "the best for business."


#4 Casting aside the comedy segments

Comedy segments are fun when executed properly. But, that doesn't mean you employ certain wrestlers only for those particular segments. Barring the Revival and the Authors of Pain, the current Raw tag team division is filled to the brim with comedy tag teams and is the sole reason for the division's downfall.

If WWE wants to re-invent itself as a pro-wrestling brand, they need to let go of the comedy segments immediately. From the point of sports entertainment, this might not be a good move as it helps the product being kid-friendly. However, these segments only attenuate the solemnity of the matches in the long run.

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